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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Top Five Nigerian Under Graduate and Post Graduate Project Research writing Websites

Academic Research writing is a general term used to describe the business of writing academic essays, articles, under graduate research papers, proposals, thesis, manifestoes, mission statement etc.
Academic research writing is a relatively new industry in Nigeria and a lot of innovative techpreneurs are beginning to tap into the riches of this new concept, but there is a problem, because once everybody hear that there is money in a particular business everybody would want to jump into it without having a commitment to provide customers and clients with quality service.
For Under Graduates and Post Graduates  choosing a Under Graduate and Post Graduate Project Research writing
service online may prove very difficult because as a student once you have successfully saved up a particular amount of money to pay someone to write a befitting academic research for you, the next thing is to make sure that you are not paying your money to quacks or fraudulent individuals who will just collect your money and make away with it or provide you with an “heavily plagiarized” rip off of your research that they copied and paste from the internet or from the past work of someone else.


Top Five Academic Research writing service providers in Nigeria although just started off writing research online in 2013.,, have been in the offline researching business from as early as 2008 and they claim to have written over 150,000 research for foreign and local customers., serves mainly customers who want custom written, fresh plagiarism free undergratuate and post graduate research project
2.   NairaProjects : Naira project is also a research service provider and since they started they have provided research materials to quite a number of Nigerian Students. NairaProjects provides students with old research materials from their archives and do not claim to hold any copyright to this work. So if what you need are materials for your research then you can head on to nairaproject.
3.    Iproject: they have been in the research game for quite a while and just like nairaproject above they only provide materials to customers, their support for custom research writing is very difficult to ascertain as at the time of writing this article maybe they may go into research writing in future but for now they only sell old research works and are non specific on the copy rights of these materials 4. provides student with old research topics and materials a very affordable rates from their archives. Despite what the name suggest you may not be able to find a researcher that will handle your researching at
5.    EduProjects: promises free used project topics from their old archives. Students picking a topic from this archives should be very careful as there is a very high chance that the topic you are picking from here have been reused over and over again by others.

When in search of a project research topic it is better to just request for one. And you can do that from the project research topic request form at


Although Academic research writing is a relatively new industry in Nigeria  a lot of innovative techpreneurs are already setting up shop in this area. We have a lot of websites online professing to provide research writing services and as usual they are all trying to market themselves as the best, leaving the customer confused on which of these “bests” to choose.

Don’t worry I will help you find the best…
I will help you find the best by giving some of the factors to consider before you choose anybody to write your Under Graduate and Post Graduate Project Research.

      I was able to come up with this list by evaluating my personal experience with some of the research writing services online and I also went further to conduct a customer satisfaction survey online by talking to people who claimed to have used an online Research writing service provider, from my research I was able to come up with some of these factors that you must consider and the ones you must watch out for before paying your money to a “research vendor”.

  1. Watch out for websites that claim to provide research writing services but are actually selling old research projects from their archives. Yes this is a very common trend amongst online research services providers. Some of them will just stack up “ill gotten” archives of old research papers and they sell it for cheap calling it names like “research materials” where as these are copyrighted past works of other people and using them makes you a criminal. So as a rule of thumb  before ordering a research writing service I try to make sure they are not just selling me old topics from their archives. And how will you know? Most reputable research service providers only display sample research topics and abstracts on their websites and this topics are usually not available for immediate purchase and collection because once you order a topic from their list of samples, which is usually not suppose to be a very long list because a good research service provider will tell you that some topics are only available for request and you will have to fill a form to get it, while the one providing copied or old research work would have everything available on demand because they can sell one topic to over twenty customers
  2.      Before paying make sure to confirm that they do not have a ridiculously short delivery period. As a student you should know the work it takes to write a research, so when you provide someone with a topic or you are given a topic and the researcher you paid is telling you that he will be done with a research that is supposed to cover 65 pages with tables and diagram included, then be very worried because that person may end up providing you with an out of point research, a plagiarized work or something copied from a old manuscript. So watch out for someone claiming to provide you with a complete research within 2 days or 24 hours. Research are not done that way.
  3.     Try to have a topic. It is always better to have a topic before going out there to seek for the service of a research writer. Because when you have a topic you can be sure that whoever is going to handle your research will not just pick up any topic from their archives and sell to you as a fresh work, If you were the one that picked the topic yourself then you will be able to defend it when the time comes and you will be able to discuss the topic better with the researcher.
  4.     Cross check their payment methods. Personally I prefer a payment method where I pay into the account of an individual(personal account) or a business account and these are my reasons: all payments made to personal accounts can be traced in the event of fraud and the same applies to business accounts so when somebody is confident enough to use his or her personal account or create a business account it shows that, that person is reliable and ready for business.
  5.    Never make payments for an academic research in cryptocurrency that is a very unprofessional and unreliable way to make payment and doing that will expose you to fraud when you make payments to untraceable accounts.
  6.      Make sure that they have a reliable customer support that you can reach if you have challenges online or offline. Some research websites even provide a customer support forum where customers can chat with researchers in real time about their work an example isrunmyresearch support forum they have their own support forum for researchers and clients to connect and for clients to make complaints about their work directly to support, the good thing about this one is that they also maintain the customers confidentiality by not displaying any of the clients personal information.
  7. Try to confirm if they have an offline location, although this is not really very important but if they have an offline location that indicates that they have a very high reliability ratio.
  8.  Make sure the persons that you are talking to know what they are actually doing, grill them with questions about the topic to ascertain their level of understanding of the research in question, if your researcher is clueless then ask the management to assign another one to you or look for another research service provider.

These factors would not guarantee that you get the best from these research service providers but it will direct you to the ones that are in the best position  to give you the  best.
Thank you.

Saturday, 8 April 2017


James Ibori former Governor of Delta state and the pillar of Delta political umbrella finally returns from United kingdom where he just completed his 13years jail sentence for money laundry related offences,he was received as the return of the great leader of Niger Delta by the high and mighty both in the state as his country home was crowded with well wishers trooping in and out his residence. James Iboriduring his tenure as the Governor of the state was regarded as the gladiator as his political prowess knows no bound and even his days in prison his candidature of the incumbent Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa as the next Governor took preference over the then Governor of the state,EmmanuelUduaghan candidate choice of Tony Obuh.

His coming back is perceived by many will strengthen the state ruling party the Peoples Democratic party[PDP] against the Ogboru Great led All Peoples Congress[APC] ahead of the 2019 General elections,while some PDP stalwart are envisaging fears that his return may further deepen the wound that is secretly eating up the Delta state PDP owing to the rift between the incumbent Governor and the immediate past Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan over issues emanating from his emergence as Governor against Uduaghanwish.

      Meanwhile,there are speculations that Ibori will likely decamp to APC close to 2019 as the APC led Federal Government may want to lure him into their party for better penetration of the Niger Delta as he is a big stakeholders in the region but the possibility of that might be very slim as the gladiator may not fall to that bait as he intends to play a low key politics amidst his current speculated endorsement of Governor Okowa for a second term.

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Jane - A Royal jewel( Women's Day Special)

each hue flagging off her virtues
At her sight and in her jaws You found tranquility and no issues Her words are herbs to soul The thought of her brings grinness Like bank credit alert Her hips and lips pleasurize and colonize Like that of cleopatra A moment with her spout out The crushes with kim And khloe Pains and wasted watch now in extinction All in lady Jane I found a virgin island Composed by Aladesaye L. Prince A Sonnet dedicated to A. Jane


Women in a farm somewhere in Edo State.
 The calls for a renewed interest in agriculture is not a new thing to Nigerians, the federal government, state government and public figures have made this call and have sometimes described it as the only way out of the single oil economy that we find our nation in today.
The position of the new government of Edo State is no different from that of the government at the federal level as both seem to be calling for a renewed interest in agriculture amongst the people. The people of Edo State have practised farming for centuries before now and in most cases, Edo people have relied on old and outdated farming techniques to produce food for themselves and to make very little quantity available for sale. This is the reason why the practise of farming in Edo State is on a serious decline. Accept it or not, as you read this, fewer lands are being cultivated, fewer animals are being reared and fewer people are undertaking farming as a fulltime job every day in Edo State.
     Most of the old farmers who were, as it seems.  The “Masters” of the old farming practise are now well retired and out of service. These veterans of agriculture in Edo State now rely on aids provided by their children who may be struggling with one white collar job or the other in the city or outside the country. The questions now are; why are our youths running away from the agricultural legacy laid down by their parents? “the answers are several, but each answers all narrow down to the fact that, farming is no longer an attractive, lucrative or competitive alternative to the white collar jobs which are scarcely available in our cities today. Farming have fallen from the once exalted position which it enjoyed to a position of neglect and pariah, and this is no fault of the generations of today, the fact that pasts generations kept relying on old, outdated and unsustainable farming practise are enough reasons for the present generation who are now well familiar with the “mechanics and automotive” ease of getting things done, to isolate themselves from the conservative and backward culture of manual farm labour and the various inefficient local farming methods practised by our predecessors .
How then can we bring about a renewed interest in agriculture amongst our younger generations to ensure that our farms do not go into extinction in Edo State?
These are my recommendations for the Edo State Government:
1.      Begin to facilitate the adoption of modern farming techniques by providing these equipments and machineries and training the farmers on how to operate them. This could be achieved through a Public Private Partnership between the State Government and interested investors in the banking sector. Agricultural equipment renting centres can then be made available in major farming communities in Edo State. And the Government may also need to partner with Agricultural Equipments and Farm Machines providers, to establish maintenance facilities and to train and transfer this knowledge to our youths.
2.      Engagement in wide reaching sensitization campaigns, which would be aimed at changing the mindsets of our youths about farming. This could be achieved through the use of the main stream medias, the social media, and the organization of “catch them young” campaigns in our secondary schools and higher institutions. The campaigns should be able to bring to the awareness of our youths the facts that, agriculture is a lucrative and prestigious undertaking when done using the available modern farming techniques and the various state of the art innovations in agriculture.
3.      Enact agriculture friendly policies which would encourage even the laziest person to want to go into farming. Examples of such policies are: creation of an agricultural scholarship scheme for youths who are already engaged in farming but are interested in improving their knowledge by learning new farming practices abroad, such policies could also include the provision of financial grants or interventions for farmers who are in urgent need of such assistance to improve on their already established farms. In terms of policies there are so many things the government can do to attract our youths to go back into agriculture.
4.      Creation of a low interest loan scheme for farmers  with unique and bankable prospects. The reason why most farmers in Edo State do not engage in large scale farming is because in most cases they cannot afford a bigger farm, so providing such persons with a low interest loan to expand their already established farms or to undertake a new farm project. This would go a long way to encourage others . the loan could also be in the form of the provision of technical assistance and the service of farm machines during the planting season to be paid for after harvest.
5.      Attract customers and investors for our farm products, Edo State Government can achieve this through the facilitating bilateral trade agreements on the export of farm produce with other countries. That way any farmer in Edo State can become a exporter of farm produce through these agreements, Government could also organize media campaign aimed at attracting both local and foreign investors to the availability of high quality raw materials from farms in Edo State.
6.      Create processing mills, silos and factories. To help reduce the stress that farmers often go through in processing their products locally, Government can sensitize farmers on modern processing techniques and provide state of the art processing and storage facilities that would ensure that no farmer from our farming communities would have any reason to complain of his/her products getting spoilt or expired due to the ineffective local processing and storage techniques.

Our youths are naturally innovative and creative and not having them in the agricultural scene for all this times have been a big loss for agricultural development in Edo state. If our youths can be brought onboard the agricultural train in Edo State then we would see a lot of improvements and ground breaking achievements being achieved within a short period of time.


Most people in Edo state are aware of the many abandoned and fast crumbling Industries that are scattered around Edo State. These abandoned facilities are evidence to prove the fact that, at one point in time Edo State enjoyed a period of Industrial and economic growth.
These abandoned industries, during their period of operations served not only the people of Edo state as a source of Employment, but it was also a source of job for many Youths from other States of the Federation. I remember introducing myself to a shoe seller in Calabar in 2011 and on hearing that I was from Edo State he began to tell me about how during his earlier days, he and some of his friends used to come to Edo State to purchase Rubber sap and fresh Palm oil back in the 80’s.
In the days of Edo State’s Industrial glory, Edo State was not only providing jobs for her youths but she was also providing jobs for Youths from other parts of the country who were actively engaged in the production and movement of produce from the large farms and Industries in Edo State to other parts of the country.
From as early as the 1980’s a small scale Industrial village was already created at Ogbesan, near Benin city. Its status today is “abandoned”. One would have imagined that by this time that place would have become a flourishing industrial zone but that clearly have not been the case.
There are so many cases of abandoned industries in Edo State that one cannot completely go around the state without seeing one of these monuments of abandonment, however. I am more concerned about the abandoned vocational training centres built during the administration of Samuel Ogbemudia. It is understandable if Large industries stop operations for one reason or the other but the fact that we are not only seeing abandoned Industries in Edo State but we are now also seeing abandoned Vocational training centres is a very bad development for the Youths of Edo State who are supposed to be the one learning vocational and technical skills from this training centres. We cannot continue to talk about reviving of our old industries or deliberate building new ones when we have abandoned one key area which is the grass root training of our Youths in the field of vocational and technical education. If our youths do not have the basic technical skills needed to play an important role in the Industries and factories around them, then they may just end up working as unskilled workers in these industries.
While the present Governor of Edo State is doing all he can to revive these Ghost factories, the Governor of Edo State must not forget the abandoned vocational training centres, he should consider reactivating these vocational training centres and also equip them with state of the art learning facilities to ensure that in the next few years Edo State will be filled with Innovative young persons who are well qualified to occupy key positions in industries. Edo State should not be one of those states that spend too much in theoretical education, thereby pumping out unemployable graduates into the already jam-packed labour market.
The reasons why we need to invest more on vocational technical education cannot be overemphasized. Giving the youths of Edo State the chance to acquire vocational and technical skills would go a long way in ensuring that if finally we are able to  revive our old industries or build new ones our youths will not just be employed as labourers and unskilled workers, but we will see our own Edo sons and daughters occupying key positions in these industries and making key decisions that would affect the lives of many people.
The renovation of the Benin Technical College into an ultra modern, ICT compliant Technical and Vocational college, and the creation of smaller (but standard) vocational training centres in other parts of Edo will go help put our youths in Edo State in an advantaged position in preparation for whatever industrial revolution that our Governor Godwin Obaseki  is planning for us.
Edo State must begin to position itself as a State in the 21st Century. Our youths should have access to well equipped Vocational training facilities where they will be bred to create innovative solutions to some of our problems In Edo State. Youths in cities of the world today are at the forefront of the ICT arena, they keep coming up with new ideas, new solutions and softwares that impacts on the lives of many. We must challenge our youths to do better by creating for them the enabling environment and introducing friendly policies to support them.
Relying on the knowledge and methods of yesterday to face the challenges of today may not yield desirable results. In whatever step we are taking to position Edo State as  a Better place for its people our youths need to be carried along.
If we fail to do this, then there may be consequences. If the youths in a community hosting a major industry do not get well paid jobs or important positions in that company while outsiders and foreigners are securing good positions in the same industry, then the youths may begin to protest and this would be irrespective of whether they are qualified for a well paid job in such a company or not. That is one reason why the Edo State Government need to hep in the acquisition of Vocational and Technical Education for our youths.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Edo State In 2017: A new Governor, A New Oba and A New People?

This year the people of Edo State witnessed an election that saw the Governorship candidate of the All Progressive congress becoming the Governor of Edo State. The election results aroused mixed feelings amongst the people of Edo State. Trusted followers and supporters of the All Progressive Congress celebrated the election results while some on the side of the opposition have denounced the result of the election and have made several claims of election rigging, although there are still no substantial evidence to back these claims.
          Despite these misgivings, The facts remains that those protesting the results of the election that brought in Godwin Obaseki as the Governor of Edo State, must at one point put their political differences aside and settle down to work for the betterment of Edo people. Why? Because if we waste the next few years in “vexatious” sentiments rather than coming together to create for ourselves and our children, a better Edo state, then we may live to regret it.
     As a people we must rise up and stand by the man who was chosen not only by an election but by God himself. Edo State or any other State can never get a “best man for the job” as a Governor but there will always be a man for the Job and if we join and work together with that man, we may be able to get the best results.
         The 2017 budget for Edo State have been presented and this would mark Godwin’s first budget as a Governor in Edo State or as a Governor anywhere that we know of, so considering the economic realities of this country at this time. We must begin to accept the fact that working for the Government at this time may demand some amount of sacrifice and selflessness. Some salaries may be delayed; bonuses left unpaid and even when they get paid the rising cost of living and inflation would make it very difficult for many to fulfil their various financial obligations. This is a challenge for Edo people to begin to look beyond personal or political issues and begin to work with others irrespective of your political differences, to create a better Edo State and Happier Edo people.
         As for those that would be contracted to carry out constructions and to render other services to Edo state and Edo people, the people of Edo State are not asking for too much, other than prompt and quality service delivery. Do this for us and you have rendered us a service, but anything short of this becomes a disservice.
        The Year 2017 would see Edo people walking into a new year with a new Oba and a  new Governor. This is the best time to put back all the mistakes of the past and start all over again with a new resolve to work together as a people to overcome our collective problems and challenges, whatever we achieve in 2017 would be seen as the result of a joint effort between the people of Edo State and their new Governor. Never again will the people of Edo State allow a single Governor to keep them in backwardness and under development.
      In 2017 the people of Edo State should be carried along, the people should know why things are being done and why they are not being done, and the people should be able to call the government attention to areas of concern that needs intervention. The Government on the other hand should be able to continuously release statements on issues or incidents that have affected or will affect the lives of Edo people with no bias to the region affected or the number of people affected.
         We as a people in Edo State should begin to realise that no government can help us achieve our dreams completely in Edo State, Doing that would require a change of mindset and a change in attitude from the people. It would take a government with a strong will to try to force a change of mindset and attitude in a people, to accommodate development and civility; such a government may end up losing public support. That is one reason why few government would have the guts to stop the widespread display of wares and foodstuff along Edo roads most especially those roads around popular markets, this is unsafe for the traders sitting along the road to sell his or her  products and also for the buyers who would have to stand in the way of motorists and commercial bus drivers as they try to make their purchase, The Government of the day may not be willing to address this issue to avoid a backlash from the various trade unions who have done nothing to caution their members against this unsafe selling practice. The dumping of refuse into public drainage systems is also one of the embarrassing habits of some of us that we must not carry with us to 2017, because if we continue to do things the same way we will continue to get the same results.

   As we welcome the year 2017. We welcome its challenges and its blessings. We can make it a better year for ourselves if we work together as a team against our collective problems as a State. 2017 will no doubt be a remarkable year for Edo State, but only the people of Edo State will be able to decide if those remarks are going to be positive or negative. 

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Why Nigeria must not support a Military Intervention in Gambia.

This December Gambia, a tiny West African Nation, surrounded by Senegal to its North, South and East, held its first presidential election. This led to the emergence of Adama Barrow of the United Democratic Party (UDP) as the President elect.
                Prior to the election Gambians and the International Community in general shared the fear that Yahaya Jammeh The Incumbent President of Gambia would not relinquish his seat as the President of the Gambia, but to the initial surprise of his people and the international community, President Yahaya Jammeh came out to concede defeat to Adamma Barrow the candidate of the UDP,  many who celebrated the initial triumph of democracy in Gambia, called it a good season for democracy in West Africa applauding the successful elections in Ghana and Nigeria where opposition candidates emerged as President elects with the incumbent President in both cases conceding defeat, were disappointed when Jammeh rose up later to challenge the election results, President Jammeh described the election process and results as “influenced” by foreign actors.

                    The fear of a political crisis in Gambia have forced leaders of the ECOWAS sub-region to hold talks with President Jammeh in Gambia, with the President of Nigeria named the Chief Mediator. The President of the West African Commision Alain Souza have since suggested that military options are not off the table if President Jammeh still refuses to honour the results of the election even the mediation efforts by ECOWAS fails to stop Jammeh from holding on to power.

                        Addressing the issue of the Gambian Presidential election, ECOWAS should thread with caution as the claims by Jammeh that the election was influenced should be taken seriously. The commission should investigate these claims made by a sitting Head of State, that, the election conducted by the electoral body under his Government may have been compromised. If Jammeh is able to provide reasonable evidence to back such claims as he is making ,  if Jammeh can provide enough evidence to substantiate the facts that a foreign power somewhere have in one way or the other influenced the just concluded election, If Jammeh as the Gambian Head of State have reasons to believe that the election conducted under his government was not free, fair or credible enough as to warrant his handing over office to the candidate produced by the election, then the ECOWAS Commission should be concerned about the capacity of electoral bodies in West Africa to conduct free, fair and credible elections.
ECOWAS, if provided with reasonable evidence of foul play in the just concluded Gambian elections, instead of supporting the idea of a military intervention, ECOWAS should form a committee to put things in place for the conduct of a re-run election in Gambia, to be conducted by a neutral and independent electoral body to be created and supervised by ECOWAS. If the Gambians do not want Jammeh as their President in the first election, I am quite sure their opinion won’t change in the second election.  The mistake of using military force to remove sitting Presidents in Africa is becoming a popular “fail” that we must begin to reconsider. If Jammeh claims are true that a foreign power is influencing election results in West Africa, then leaders of the West African region should be very concerned, if this is a problem for Gambia today, it may become a problem for another West African Nation tomorrow.

                        While Alain Souza, the President of the ECOWAS commission is mulling the idea of a Senegal led intervention into Gambia, we should all know this one thing about the Armed Forces of Senegal especially their Army which is regularly being trained and equipped by the United States in its claimed anti terror efforts in Africa. The  irony of this is, while the United States is frustrating the Counter terrorism efforts of Nigeria which have been battling attacks from Islamic terrorism for the past few years, by blocking Nigeria from purchasing the much needed western military hardware needed for her anti-terror efforts. The United State have been training and funding the Armed forces of Senegal in a claimed Counter Terrorist effort even though Senegal is not directly threatened by any of the known Islamic Terror groups.  One could easily guess that terrorism is not the primary reason why the United States is training and funding a country not affected by terrorism for a war against terror, while those fighting the true war against terror are being abandoned by this same Foreign Power. The proximity of Senegal to Gambia being that they share major land borders is reason enough for any Foreign Power that is claiming to be “championing Democracy” to want to use the Senegalese Military as a tool to remove their long time rival and Dictator even if it takes influencing elections or going against the wishes of the Gambian people , or using military force either directly or indirectly.

                    We watched the same thing happen in Libya, where Terrorists posing as anti-government Rebels where assisted to topple a sitting Government, without having an effective master plan in place to prevent an escalation of the already volatile situation in that country. Africa, especially some North and Western African States have been facing terror attacks from terrorist that were radicalised, trained and equipped in Libya. What we see now as terrorism and insurgency in North and West Africa is the aftermath of the failed state situation that Libya was thrown into after the foreign backed removal of Gadaffi from power, which saw terrorist groups gaining access to Government owned heavy stock pile of weapons in the ensuing anarchy, these terrorists later used these weapons to wage a destructive Jihad in North and West Africa. These are the weapons we now see in use by Terrorists groups such as Boko Haram, Al Ansaru and other Dangerous terror groups that are presently operating in West Africa.

                      Democracy is more democratic if the election process to back it up is fairly and credibly conducted by a non bias and Independent electoral commission. The question ECOWAS should be asking at this point is; where these the conditions under which the just concluded Gambian Presidential election was conducted? If not, then we should look towards conducting a re-run election with a credible, neutral and independent electoral body. We should not be too quick to turn Gambia into another Libya. The competence of an electoral body created by ECOWAS to conduct elections in Gambia can be found in Article 12, page 9-10 of the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

How to Survive On Your Little Income during This Recession.

Let us not deceive ourselves and think that it would be easy for any low income earner to survive this recession without extra effort and without making some very important changes and adjustments in our Spending habits, these are some of the adjustments and changes that we just have to make to ensure that we are able to survive this Recession even with our little income but even with all the plenty advice only the wise will survive.
         Do not even think you are the only one that sit up at night wondering how you would manage to survive the next few weeks in the month before your next pay, I have been there too and with my years of experience I have drawn up the perfect formula that will help you survive this economic hardship in the country no matter what you earn, just read and watch me show you the way like I have always done.  some of you have made target to save so so and so amount before the end of the year, for some it is to buy a brand new TV or Mattress, well the year is almost gone but some of you can still achieve your Goals but if you don't then don't blame yourself it was a very hard Year.

Step 1. Accept and praise Baba God for your condition. Whatever you think is too little there is someone out there with less or nothing, whatever you think is too small for you, there are people out there wishing for half of it. so be contented because that is the first step to self sufficiency.

Step 2. Start making serious changes and adjustments to your Spending habits. The next time the thought of buying something you don’t really need cross your mind try to first of all calculate the better things that you can use that money for, e.g. food, transport and other things that you know you can't do without. You can do without eating fresh banana on your way back from work, or other snacks that normally takes your small changes that you could have used for transport to the office the next day or to buy tomatoes and pepper to cook a proper stew that would last you for between 2-3 Days. So don’t spend money on what you want, spend it on what you need that is the secret to surviving this recession.

Step 3. Have a spending plan (Budget). Draft out a list of things that you need and you know you can't do without. It should look like this:
Hygiene products
(soaps, creams e.t.c) add other basic necessities that applies to your own situation as everybody's life is unique and different, but try to make the list as short as possible remove anything you know you can do without. Then try to calculate the amount of money that these things would cost you in a month, after calculating it you will realize that there is little money remaining to do any other thing, yes.
 That is because these are the main things that should be taking your money and there is even hardly enough money for them so if you now take the money you should be using for these things to buy recharge card to be calling that girl you met in a bus while coming from work or to be discussing about yesterday's football match on the phone with your friend, then expect to go broke(run out of money) before the month ends and that would end up with you asking your Boss for an advance on your salary before the end of the month. ask yourself you couldn’t even finish one month with full salary what would happen to next month if you take an advance on your salary and spend half of it this month? So focus on spending on the things in your budget if there is extra money after spending on the important things on your budget then you can use them for other things.

Step 4. Hate and avoid wreck less spending. I decided to add hate to it because that is the best way to avoid it. When you hate something you won't want to do it. After I started hating wreck less spending, I was in a bus one day when a young university guy was paying bus fair for some pretty girls in the bus and I wasn’t impressed I just hated seeing a young man waste the money that his parents are sweating for, I told myself that I was sure his father and mother that gave him the money won't pay the bus fair of strangers just because they want to look cool. Humility is the key. You are going to a dinner and you know it would cost you more to take a Date (partner) then try to go alone (that is if you must go) take a bus to the venue don’t take cabs there is nobody to impress this days even the rich are suffering from the recession, so just take a bus and save your money. Don’t try to impress people with your hard earned money because it is impossible to impress people, if you buy a 24 inch TV they will tell you that their friend has a 32 inch TV get a 32 inch TV if you want to keep buying to keep up with their mouth, very soon they will tell you their friend owns a cinema house, funny thing is that the people that behave like that hardly ever have their own it is always somebody's own that they are boasting about, so forget them and just live your life.
 Always negotiate(price) properly before buying anything to ensure that you do not end up paying more for less, as a student or a worker, you owe yourself the duty of verifying the correct price of anything you want to buy and negotiating till you are sure you are paying the right price for whatever it is you are buying

 Step 5. Try to avoid spending when you can. Don’t be too quick to bring out your wallet or put your hands inside your pocket when you go out with friends or you are at an event. Allow those that want to "show-off" to do all the payment, good for  them nor even let am border you. Try to hardly use the words "keep the change." sometimes people use this to show that they have too much, avoid it. In this present Nigeria nobody have too much even the President is looking for money to borrow, all those young men you see in clubs popping Champaign and ace and whatever drinks they drink this days leave them, if they have too much money then good for them, only tomorrow can tell, but one thing that is sure is that even if you give billions to a wasteful person that person will waste all the money and start saying " I used to be rich", so avoid wasteful people.
Don't spend your necessary cash on useless things
otherwise, things like this will happen.
  There are places that you can walk down to instead of wasting money on transport, do that anytime you have the energy and strength to; especially during the evening period when the sun is less harsh you will be surprised at the amount of money you would save at the end of the month from doing this.
   Instead of spending money on food from a restaurant or on snacks for lunch at the office, try waking up early to cook and place it in a good food flask and take to the office, thank me later, that would save you a lot of money that should have been spent on buying roadside food and junks like snacks and soft drinks.

That’s  it oh my people, you live your life like this and at the end of the month people earning better than you will be asking you for money.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Do you know you can enjoy safe sex with condoms? see how.

I have received so many complaints from people about the use of condoms during sex and these complaints are most times coming from men, but the thing that we men do not know is that we are not the only one's that hate condoms, women do too and they even hate it more, it is just that they are very shy to complain about it most times. But these are some of the complaints that you may get from a lady that does not like condoms:

 "it makes sex less intimate and real, we have tried almost all of them and they all limit the sensual sensation"
“Condoms feel less intimate. I love the way the smooth, hard penis skin feels against my skin, but I can't feel that with a condom. We use them anyway, though, because I don't like the pill, and the intercourse still feels good.” 
“I lose a lot of pleasure when we use condoms (and so does he). It
just feels weird and almost like a waste of time. I want to feel my
husband and for him to feel me. Sometimes condoms can actually cause
pain if I'm not wet enough.”
These are the complaints from the Female folks, what about the Men? what are they saying about condoms
 well it seem like the men have more complaints than the women about this "NAFDAC approved papa's cap."  These are the problems that some men get from using condoms and their solutions.

Putting condoms on
Some men find rolling a condom over their erection is uncomfortable. If using a larger and wider size condom doesn't help, one solution might be unrolling the condom a little first, then putting it over the erect penis the same way you would put a sock over a foot, being careful not to get air trapped under the condom or tear it.

Condoms and loss of sensation
If you are worried about loss of sensation opt for a very thin or light condom.The thinner the condom, the better the sensation; the right size is also important.Some condoms are available with ribbed, raised and shaped surfaces designed to increase sensation to both partners.An advantage of Femidoms (female condoms) is the way they don’t reduce sensation for the man in the way male condoms can do.

Keeping the erection
If putting on a condom interferes with your erection, try gripping the base of your penis before you put it on - this traps the blood, helping to keep your penis hard.
A cock ring has the same effect but it lasts longer. Asking a partner to put the condom on can also help.
A larger brand of condom (such as Magnum,Durex Comfort XL) might also be less restrictive to your erection. Larger brands should still stay on as the ring at the base is not any larger that other types of condom. Femidoms (female condoms)  may also be a solution if you find condoms restrictive.
looking for a picture to show you how female condoms look like i came across this man's head, almost the same shape.   
  Dealing with a natural dislike for latex: Believe it or not some men are allergic to latex (it makes their skin red or itchy), both male and female condoms are available that are made from non-latex materials and you can get them from selected stores in Lagos and Abuja( so i should go to Lagos just to buy condoms? don't go now but you will still go there later to buy HIV drugs or Baby cloths, buy the condom and save yourself the stress)
These materials also don’t have a latex smell.

Condoms and interruptions
Having to stop during sex to look for a condom can be a passion killer.
Have them in places where they’ll be easy to get hold of. Keeping condoms in your wallet, handbag or by the bedside shows you’re taking responsibility for yourself and your sexual partner.

Asking a partner to use a condom 
You may have condoms but find it difficult to use them (or to ask someone else to use them). It can be tricky introducing a condom into the situation, which is why it’s always better to bring the subject up long before sex starts. A partner may be relieved that you’ve mentioned it.What if your partner says:
'Asking for a condom means you think I’ve got an infection or can’t be trusted'?
Tell them that you’d like to use a condom to protect their health as well as yours, as it’s possible either of you could have an infection without knowing. If someone says that because you want to use condoms it must mean you have an infection, remind them that carrying and using condoms is a sign that a person is taking responsibility for their own health and their partner’s. No one has the right to make you have sex without a condom if you don’t want to. If you feel pressured in any way to have sex you don’t want, tell your partner to stop or ask them to leave.

If she keep getting dry during sex: one disadvantage of condom is that it prevents the natural lubrication of the male organ also known as pre-cum from acting as a lubricant during sex, but you can save yourself the stress and your partner the pain by using lubricants such as liquid medical paraffin which I highly recommend for such cases you can get it in any Chemist just don't tell them I was the one that told you about it. cus i bet you even the chemist guy wont know what you want to use it for, it is the best lubricant in the market Doctors even use it to lubricate pregnant ladies( i am not saying you should start feeling like a Doctor when you are applying it oh.)

What to do when condoms break?
If you're having rougher or longer sex it could be that a condom might split. Obviously this could put you or your partner at risk of unwanted pregnancy, HIV or another sexually transmitted infection. at this stage the right thing to do is to come down from the bed, chair or table or anywhere you both chose to dance the "Kerewawa dance" kneel down by the side of your bed, close your eyes and pray, because you will need the prayers in a month or two when the both of you will be going for HIV or Pregnancy test. or optionally just buy her a good contraceptive pill and leave your own case for time to decide if you caught anything or not because an HIV test is not effective from one to two weeks after infection.

NB: The Informations in this post where sourced from the opinions of Professionals in respective fields but should not be a guide for making medical decisions

Sunday, 25 September 2016

How to send and recieve money using the Facebook Messenger application.

Remember when Facebook Messenger broke out of Facebook proper? A lot of users, including yours truly, were seriously irked. Why did we have to switch to entire different app just to chat with a Facebook friend?

Turns out Facebook had bigger plans for Messenger, including voice calls, chat bots, chess games and -- who knew? -- mobile payments.

It's true: You can use the Facebook Messenger app to send and receive money, PayPal-style.

Well, not quite -- Messenger payments require a debit card on both ends of the transaction. But there's no cost to use the service, which offers PIN-based protection and "industry-leading security," according to Facebook. Here's how to get started:

Step one: Add your debit card. In the Messenger app for Android, tap the Profile icon, then scroll down and tap Payments. In the iOS app, tap Settings, then Payments. Tap Add New Debit Card and complete that process.

.Step two: Open a chat with the person you want to send money to or from whom you want to request money. Tap the little "more" icon in the toolbar; it's the one with three dots in a rectangular box.

Step three: Tap Payments, then Next to bypass the info screen. By default, you'll be in the Pay screen; enter an amount you want to pay that person and a note indicating what the payment is for. Then tap Pay and you're done!

Remember when Facebook Messenger broke out of Facebook proper? A lot of users, including yours truly, were seriously irked. Why did we have to switch to entire different app just to chat with a Facebook friend?

Turns out Facebook had bigger plans for Messenger, including voice calls, chat bots, chess games and -- who knew? -- mobile payments.

It's true: You can use the Facebook Messenger app to send and receive money, PayPal-style.

Well, not quite -- Messenger payments require a debit card on both ends of the transaction. But there's no cost to use the service, which offers PIN-based protection and "industry-leading security," according to Facebook. Here's how to get started:

Add a debit card to Facebook Messenger so you can send and receive money.

Step one: Add your debit card. In the Messenger app for Android, tap the Profile icon, then scroll down and tap Payments. In the iOS app, tap Settings, then Payments. Tap Add New Debit Card and complete that process.

Tap here to access the Payments option in Facebook Messenger.

Step two: Open a chat with the person you want to send money to or from whom you want to request money. Tap the little "more" icon in the toolbar; it's the one with three dots in a rectangular box.

Step three: Tap Payments, then Next to bypass the info screen. By default, you'll be in the Pay screen; enter an amount you want to pay that person and a note indicating what the payment is for. Then tap Pay and you're done!

I need a lot of money for donuts.

Step four: If you want to request money instead, tap Request at the top of the screen, enter the amount and reason, then tap the Request button to complete the process.

With either action, the transaction will appear as embedded item right inline with your existing chat. From there the recipient can either accept or deny just by tapping.

And that's it! Assuming you and the people you know use debit cards, this is an awfully easy way to perform electronic transactions on the go. Awfully free, too.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Five Quick Questions That Will Show If You Will Be A Successful Businessman In Future.

Do you know how to lie? lets face the fact most successful business owners are successful liars even from childhood some parents start teaching their children to lie about products they sell.
 i was in search of fresh bread one day and i went to Mama Blessing's store to get one. when i got there i saw that Mama Blessing had gone to the market but luckily for me Blessing was around so i selected a loaf of bread and asked her if the bread was fresh and she quickly replied," yes! they just brought it in" so i took the bread despite my doubts but as i was about leaving the shop i saw that the bread truck was just coming to supply them bread for that day. 
meaning the bread she asked me to take was from yesterday's stock, Now what really surprised me about this particular case was the fact that, Blessing even at her early age already knew that being too honest is not good for business and so she have mastered the practice of lie and can now lie without looking back. she will no doubt make a successful businesswoman in future. So the question still stands, Can you lie?

Are You a talkative? Yes being a good talker is good for business, in business you should be able to convince your customers to buy your products and you should also be able to engage your customers in small discussions about their family,life and politics, for example a customer asking for a reduction in price for a particular product you could reply him or her by saying "HABA OGA! for this Buhari Economy, you no hear say everything dun cost, even fowl self dun increase the price of their eggs" in that way you are telling the customer that things are now expensive and that the price is fair.

Do you have an attractive personality and outlook? most customers are looking for people they can trust and as human being they will trust the business man that looks responsible and inviting, no customer will go to somebody that looks suspicious or that is looking angry or sad because nobody want wahala.  I was trying to get a Bus one day and i decided to get recharge card before entering the bus, so i went to the side of the road where some recharge card sellers were seated, immediately they saw me coming they started shouting " recharge card, oga come buy card" as if i did not already know that that was what they were selling, but among them was this young boy who did not even border to raise his voice or stand up to invite me to come and buy, he just sat under his umbrella and was smiling at me as i approached and when i got near enough he shouted " how much own you want buy?" and that was how i bought from him.

How good are you with money? Earlier in life, when i got my first job as a sales representative in a small supermarket in Benin i was always getting overwhelmed by all the money i had to handle, sometimes i sit down for hours counting and recounting bundles of money, while my other more matured co-worker had little issue with handling cash, he could count up to 200,000 naira in 500 notes within seconds and not even bother recounting it because he is sure he is always very careful in counting and he is good at it. Being good with money also means have good financial management skills and you are not a wasteful spender who will eventually bankrupt his or her own business.

Are you married? stay that way. are you single? stay that way. Your relationship status could either positively or negatively affect your business.
 you have no business planning for marriage if you have just started the business on whose growth your source of income depends on as a man, as a woman getting married comes with a lot of changes which may include you needing to move to a different location far from your place of business and you needing to make certain changes in your life that may not go well for your business.
 So giving your business some time to grow and mature before talking about marriage is my advised step to take. as for those that are already married congrats and happy married life but you should know that as a married business person there are challenges that you are bound to face because you now have responsibilities, that is why most businesses on which families depend on rarely expand because you continue taking away from the business and hardly adding to, and owners of such business rarely talk of expansion or attempt to take risks which are good for business, because of the fear of losing their families source of living. 

Monday, 4 July 2016

See how you can make millions producing eggs under the NEGPRO scheme.

So the federal government signed a deal with TUNS FARMS NIGERIA LTD on egg production, this is to ensure the provision of jobs and the increase in out national egg production capacity.  from what I have read and heard about the program from reliable sources it seems like already established farms and new farms can register under this scheme,  for me I think this should be a good opportunity for those that have since been considering the idea of going into the poultry business as the NEGPRO scheme was designed in such a way that you will always find buyers for your eggs.

what is this NEGPRO scheme and how can I benefit?

the Federal Government and TUNS Farms Nigeria Limited in Osun state signed a N25 billion agreement on the National Egg Production Scheme (NEGPRO). The National Egg Production (NEGPRO) scheme is an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria designed to create jobs for Nigerians, remove hunger and alleviate poverty.

To attain its goal, NEGPRO will provide eligible Nigerians the opportunity to participate in profitable poultry businesses where continuous production of table egg takes place all year round. The scheme is also aimed at increasing the output of egg production in the country to 50 million table eggs daily by 2018 and a create one million jobs

So how do I benefit

Eggs produced from NEGPRO will service the following:

a. The National School Feeding Program,
b. Structured open market
c. Egg powder processors across the nation

Under the NEGPRO scheme, accredited layer farmers produce eggs with input supplied by entrepreneurs/stakeholder in the state. The entrepreneur/stakeholder will, in turn, off-take the eggs that are produced.

In general, the scheme workflow involves the following:

Accredited farmers set up structure and cage for layer birds.
Entrepreneurs/Stakeholders in feeds and day old chicks (DOC) approved for the NEGPRO scheme take up the provision of basic inputs to participating farmers
Following the approval of individual farmers and verification and certification of their layer farm pen/structures for stocking by NEGPRO officialsof the state, NEGPRO farmers become eligible to collect DOCs, feeds and some stipend to run the farm from Entrepreneur/Stakeholder as a loan. With the input, the farmers commence poultry farming
Farmers return on weekly basis such that eggs produced from their individual farms are taken up by the approved entrepreneur/stakeholders
Entrepreneurs shall balance the account of individual farmers and share profit accordingly.
You can participate in any of these three categories,

1. NEGPRO National Input producers/ suppliers
2. NEGPRO Entrepreneur
3. NEGPRO Farmers

Funding: The sum of N25 billion is to be provided through the Bank of Industry (BOI) under the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Anchor Borrowers scheme.

The following are eligible to access the fund:

a. National Input producers/ suppliers
b. State entrepreneurs

It is expected that each eligible entrepreneur would have one year moratorium bearing in mind that the production would not start until the seventh month.

keep following as we will keep you updated on relevant news related to this update.  including registration info and requirements.  share the message on to a friend. 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Central Bank Launches Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Program.

Earlier this year I told you guys that the Central Bank would be coming up with a program to reduce unemployment and to create more jobs and I also warned you guys that you may have to submit some original documents of your credentials well,  in line with my earlier news,  the central Bank have just launched the  Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YIEDP) in partnership with Heritage bank. 

 The programme is aimed at harnessing the latent entrepreneurial spirit in the teeming youth by providing them timely and affordable loans to implement their business ideas. It further provides a sustainable mechanism to stimulate employment, contribute to the nation’s non-oil Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and address the challenge of youth restiveness.
The following youth, aged 18 – 35, are eligible under this scheme:

I. Serving National Youth Corps members 
II. Non-NYSC members (not more than five years post National Youth Service)

Qualified Business Sectors:
1. Agro - Allied
2. Food Processing / Preservation
3. Arts & Crafts
4. Manufacturing / Cottage Industry
5. Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
6. Construction Support
7. Power & Energy
8. Education & Financial Inclusion
9. Film & Photography
10. Automobile
11. Others

Transaction Dynamics:
• Eligible youth can apply for the loan through this portal using his/her NYSC State Code

• Applications can be made as an individual or as a group of 3-5 applicants with similar business interests
• A single applicant can access up to a facility limit of N3million while group projects jointly owned by 3-5 qualified beneficiaries can access up to a facility limit of N10million

• Applicants can also track application status via the same portal
• Applications will be processed centrally from the Head Office Annex
• Security: Graduate entrepreneurs will use their tertiary institution(s) certificate(s) and their NYSC discharge certificate. Serving Corp members will pledge their NYSC discharge certificate and their tertiary institution(s) certificates(s). Also, legal ownership of assets financed by the bank and 3rd party guarantors will be requested as additional collateral from all entrepreneurs

• Successful candidates will be assigned to ECs close to the intended business locations.
click here to visit the official site and get more info on this program.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

list of required documents for registering in the Bank Of Industry YES loan program

Micro Credit SME/Large Enterprise
1. Formal Letter of Application

2. Photocopy of Certificate of Registration

3. Constitution and Bye-laws of Cooperative Society (only for Cooperative Societies)

4. Business Plan

5. Four (4) passport photographs of the Promoter (business owner)

6. Photocopy of the Current Tax Clearance Certificate of the Business Enterprise and the Promoter.

7. Photocopy of International Passport or Driver’s License or National Identity Card of the Promoter.

8. Bank Statement of the Business Enterprise for a period of one (1) year (for existing business).

9. Sales record for six (6) months and operating expenses.

10. Evidence of availability of Collateral Security (e.g. landed property, Individual Guarantor, etc.).

1. Formal Letter of Application

2. Photocopies of Certificate of Incorporation and Certified True Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company.

3. Photocopies of the Certified True Copy of Forms C02 and C07.

4. Business Plan.

5. Photocopy of title documents to project site (Statutory Certificate of Occupancy or Deed of Assignment).

6. Photocopy of Title Documents (Statutory Certificate of Occupancy or Deed of Assignment) to the Collateral Security. (This must be a landed property in an urban center).

7. Approved Building Plan (If new building).

8. Bill of Quantities or Contractor’s Estimate of Cost to be incurred on Factory Building.

9. Valuation Reports on Factory Building(s) (for existing projects) and property offered as Collateral Security.

10. Quotations for items of plant and machinery (at least 3 quotations from different sources).

11. Three (3) years most recent Audited Accounts of the company (for existing company).

12. Three (3) years most recent Tax Clearance Certificate for the Company and two (2) Directors.

13. Four (4) recent passport photographs of each of the two Directors and the Company Secretary.

14. Evidence of appointment of a Company