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Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Many people have a misconception about the term follow your passion and most people see this to mean "start your own business" but this is very very wrong.

You can work in an established institution doing what you are passionate about and as long as your profession in that organization is en-sync with your passion,you will discover how very
attached,happy and fulfilled you will be but if your profession is not in line with your passion,you will only be a round peg in a square hole and no matter how much you take home doing that job,you will always have a feeling of detachment and you may see that job as stressful and very annoying.

The secret of fulfillment and happiness in whatever vocation or job you do is to be passionate about what you do,life is not just about making money but about enjoying what you do because if you do not enjoy what you do to make money then you are simply enslaved even if you make all the millions in the world.

Whether you want to be independent or you want to be an employee,the first question is how exactly can you discover your true profession? what exactly is your passion?

The answer lies in who you are,your nature,your personality and that is what this long and interesting article is all about as i am about to decode your passion and possible profession with 80% accuracy that will blow the minds of those who agree and an eye opener for those who are confused or busy doing what they are not cut out for.

So come along with me as i will decode one after the other according to your birth period the line you need to toll if you want fulfillment in the job or career you are involved in.

This is no star gazing or any form of mysticism but a combined effort of intelligent researchers who have meticulously observed different individuals and have come to a logical conclusion that our personally actually plays a strong role in determining our true profession so i want you to shelve your judgmental and any possible myopic conclusion you may have and be open minded enough to grasp the content of this article.

Lets ride on.