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Friday, 12 June 2015



So today is another day in your life, another day to walk around town in search of vacancies,
another day to spend countless hours searching the internet for job openings, another day to expectantly scrutinize every sms on your mobile phone for job interviews notifications, another day to check your nairabet results and place new bets, another day to go on facebook, twitter and nairaland to complain about the Nigerian Economy, another day to weep helplessly to God for a Job, any job.

 Well, for those of you who chose to pray, God just answered your prayer, in fact he answered it long ago from the day you were born as a physically and mentally healthy human being.
 you only need to be in the shoes of an handicapped or disabled person to understand the amazing gift that you are enjoying being able to perform any physical task, but despite that. there are even some disabled and handicapped people that have put your idle legs and hands to shame by achieving goals you cannot achieve, by realising dreams that you may have thought would be humanly unachievable.

all i am trying to say is that while you are at home laying in bed using both hands to chat all day on watsapp, bbm and facebook there is an handicapped person with one hand somewhere using his only single hand to create things, lift things, repair things and contribute to Human development.
 while you are still on the Bed holding your phone with your two complete God given Hands typing “lol,yolo,lmfao,smh” there is an handicapped man out there without limb trying to use his legs to work to contribute his own quota,

while you are laying back in bed to continue sleeping in the morning there is a Blind man somewhere directing himself to work with just a stick.
The world around you is filled with so many problems that you were specifically created to solve, come closer a bit and look at Africa, Africa is filled with so many problems that even if 20million Graduates were to be getting employed every year, there will still be enough problem for another 120 more million Graduates to solve, ok lets come home to Nigeria.
Nigeria is like the capital of Africa in terms of Populations, we have so many people and problems in Nigeria that even if  500,000 Graduates get employed every year there will still be enough problem for others to solve, thereby creating Jobs for themselves and employing others.
Have you ever wondered why we wait in long lines in banks before getting attended to? Have you ever wondered why there are so many mechanic workshops in town but you will almost always have to wait when you bring in your car for service? You take your cloths to the Tailor and he tell you he has a lot of work to do.

this is because there can never be enough supermarkets, enough shops, enough mechanic workshops, enough Tailors. to serve a country this big and still yet in this same country many are still saying there is no job. How can there be no jobs?
There are Jobs all around you, but the truth is that you ve chosen not to see them. All you want to see is the Job opening of Big companies and government ministeries, The only picture that comes into your head when you hear the word job is the logo of Chevron,NNPC,TEXACO,SHELL.
Delete those pictures from your head and start planning on something realistic.

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