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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How to buy Data Plans/Airtime Recharge Cards at Cheap rates in Nigeria(suggested services)

We have always posted working internet cheats on this site. Free browsing cheats have always helped internet users to browse for free.
To see working internet cheats and cheap data plans, go here ,but cheats will not always be available and we will need a plan to fall back on
Data plans and internet subscription are quite expensive in Nigeria. For example MTN sells 750 mb for 2000 naira which is quite expensive.
The best option for people using the internet will be to buy data from data bundle resellers of which the most reliable of them all is OLDRAFIKKI DATA BUNDLES.
I am going to show you how to buy data plans at

cheap prices today with oldrafikki data plans
Oldrafikki data plans buys bulk data plans at cheap prices and resells it to subscribers at far more cheaper rates, way cheaper than what you will get from Isp's( internet service providers ). You can even buy airtime at cheaper rates with oldrafikki data plans.  The good thing about this service is that there are multiple payment options available and the pricing is very reasonable compared to that of other isp's. Lets conpare prices. View table below

Pricing Comparisms between Oldrafikki data bundles and other ISP's
Data bundleAverage Price with oldrafikki(naira)Average Prices with other Isp's(naira)
150 mb""500
250 mb4501000
500 mb7002000
1 GB12003000
So you can see that it is cheaper to buy with oldrafikki data plans.

How to Use Oldrafikki data bundles

  1. To get started with oldrafikki data plans , go here 
  2. After registering you can fund your wallet. either by interbank transfer, cash deposit, atm card, mobile banking or airtime/recharge card
  3. Simply click on buy data plans to buy data  bundles or click on buy airtime to buy recharge cards.
  4. Fill the online request form and that is all 
You also get a 2.5% discount when buying recharge cards from oldrafikki data bundles. So, you can now buy data plans at cheap prices even when internet/free browsing cheats are not available  Share with your friends if this article was helpful.

This isnot a cheat, the data plans are real and are from the respective isp's