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Saturday, 1 August 2015

how to create multiple blog sections on a single wordpress installation with categories(for techpreneurs)

using wordpress categories you can create multiple blogs on your wordpress blog, this would help you arrange your blog into different sections e.g for a news blog you can have a section for international news,local news or entertainment news. Now lets get right to showing you how to perform this wonderful wordpress trick brought to you exclusively by

Open your admin panel(dashboard), go the categories page under posts,and create new categories for each new sections of your blog that you want to create.
After creating this categories, visit your admin dashboard and go to Menus—under appearance, when you get to menu you will see something like this(image 0.45)

1.    This area assists you in choosing the previously created menu  that you wish to work with, it also help you with the creation of a new menu.
2.    All the pages on your site are listed here(every page is added to your site menu automatically after creation)
3.    Wordpress presents you with the option of adding an internal or external page link to your menu.
4.    This contains a listing of all the categories on your site, as we move on in this part of the wordpress customization tutorial on categories i will show you what to do with the links on this list.
5.    You can toggle between different menu option that is if you have multiple menu on your site.
6.    This part contain a tabbed list of links to pages and categories already on your site menu.

To create sections on your website you will need to make some changes to your site menu, if you have been able to create new categories and if you have gotten to a page similar to the one shown in the image above then you are on the right track.
Now move to the category tab by the left side of the menus page. you will see a list of all the categories you have created, now click on any one of those categories that you want to feature on your sites frontpage menu. Drag the clicked category to the part labelled number 6 on the image and place it in a suitable position in your hierarchy of links. You could either place it squarely under another link to make it a secondary(child) category or just place it on its own to make it a primary(parent) category.

The above image is showing a list of categories according to their hierarchy from.
1a and b. These are parent categories: parent categories have child categories under them that often slide out when you hover above them with the pointer.
2. this is a child category under “our administrator in the image above”.
3. this is a child’s child category, i.e it would appear under a child’s category
Note:  a child category would normally drop down or slide out from a parent category. Depends on what template you are using.

Click on save menu to register the changes you have just made before leaving the menu page to preview your frontpage menu to see your changes.
 Now your site have different blog sections, you can blog on different topics and issues on various sections, by adding them to the related category.
When using categories ensure you clearly define the description of the category as this greatly affect the performance of that category and its contents on search engines.