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Monday, 3 August 2015

Installing a new wordpress template on your wordpress site (for techpreneurs).

Installing a wordpress template:
 installing a wordpress template is easier than it is supposed to be,
of course those of you familiar with coding web pages with HTML and CSS would agree with me on this one.
 Installing a wordpress theme is so simple that you can try multiple wordpress theme on your site before choosing your preferable template,
 and the good thing is that all the wordpress template that you may need for building the site
 of your dreams are either free or goes for a little chicken change. now let get you to install a new wordpress template on your site.

 Visit the admin panel(dashboard)locate themes( under appearance) click on it and it will
 take you to a page with a list of your already installed themes and the option of adding new themes,
to install a new theme on your wordpress site click on the add new button at the upper left part of the page.

 It will take you to another page where you will find a lot of free but yet beautiful and professional wordpress templates
that you can use for your wordpress site, you can either choose to install them online or to download and upload later,
after clicking on install the installation wizard will take some time to load after which it will show you something like this