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Wednesday, 28 October 2015 will start its exclusive interviews of young SME owners next month.

When i started this blog i started it with the hope that i would be able to encourage young graduates to think out of the box and set up something of their own instead of venturing on long and sometimes unproductive search for ready made jobs.
       So far i have been committed to that plan, and have granted exclusive interviews to several young successful SME owners, through this interviews i have uncovered the success secrets of some of the young small business owners that we interviewed, through their stories i hope you would find yourself, overcome your fears and be motivated towards success in your own enterprise.

 i will start posting the interviews from the second week of November. do not be impatient. this is what you have waited for, for a long time. so please stay with me as i bring you the survival stories of Young entrepreneurs  from some of Nigeria's Commercial cities.

come second week of October we will bring you this exclusive interviews than i hope would give you a better knowledge on been an SME onwer in Africa's most populous nation.