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Friday, 20 November 2015

Increase in Start-up cost for Nigerian Small Businesses as Government Ban the use of small Generators.

a small sized power Generating set

There are sometimes when Government would make some decisions and we will begin to wonder if they like us at all. Nigeria is known for one thing and that is poor electricity supply to its people and to its Industries and Businesses, this had been a major challenge for small Businesses But as they always say "in Naija Man must survive" so Small Businesses in Nigeria have to found a way of solving this problem by purchasing small power generators popularly known as "i pass my neighbour Generator" in Nigeria.

This have been the major power source for Nigerian Small Businesses but things are about to change, but with the recent ban of the importation of small generators in Nigeria one can only forsee the damage this will cause for our small medium business owners, Businesses will lose their only cheap source of electricity, the cost of setting up a small business in Nigeria will have to increase because newer businesses will have to buy bigger more expensive Generator set to power up their businesses.

this ban on the use of small generators will introduce small business owners into a harsh and unfriendly atmosphere were they will have to spend more to get power to run their businesses.
One option that would have been open to small businesses in Nigeria would have been solar power, but even that is very expensive. so this policy has in effect increased the cost of setting up a small business in Nigeria.
small Generators in use by Nigerian SME's

Government world over are known for creating an enabling and friendly environment because of its important in creating jobs for citizens and its input into the economy. but with this action by the presesnt Nigerian Government people are begining to wonder if the new Nigerian Government  is SME friendly and what the future of SME would be under his Government.

SME stand for Small Medium Enterprises