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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Insights into the success secrets of an Abuja based Fruit store

Attendants at the fruit store attending to customers
few people would want to open a fruit store in Nigeria considering the climate and the poor electricity distribution in Nigeria, fruits and vegetable tend to whither faster in hot climate so if there is no power to refrigerate them they may just all dry off.

So i was in Wuse 2 Abuja,Nigeria returning from a meeting i had with the manager of a top Nigerian investment house that was looking towards investing on small medium enterprises, i needed to get some fruits for the weekend so being new in Abuja i placed my eyes out in search of a fruit stand uknown to me i was about to uncover one of Abuja's biggest SME secret( the fact that if you are determined enough you can make any business sell in Abuja). while i was expecting to find a fruit stand i saw something different, i saw a fruit store i mean how innovative is that? very innovative. a place where you can drive in and park to buy fruits better than those roadside stands that may require you to flout traffic laws to buy fruits by the roadside, here you can park your car without breaking breaking any traffic law and buy fruits for you and your family before going home. 

But that alone isn't the success secret of this fruit store one big secret of this fruit store is its location, apart from the fact that it is located in a very busy area in Abuja where there are many supermarkets, restaurants and boutiques, the fruit store is located between two  important businesses that attracts prospective customers to the fruit store, by the left hand side of the fruit store is a very big supermarket that attract a lot of customers and most times this customers are converted into customers for the fruit seller because the supermarket does not sell fruit or vegetables, while by the right hand side of the fruit store is a bottled water depot where people come to buy bottled water in large quantity the fruit store also enjoy patronage from the customers of the bottled water business.

it was just too bad that i was unable to grant the young man attending to the business an interview because of language issues we were unable to communicate( i guess i would have to start working on my knowledge of the Hausa language) but all the same i was still able to uncover the business secret behind the success of this fast growing fruit store in the heart of Abuja.

A lesson for young upcoming Small business owners: there are few businesses that wont work in Nigeria so it is very easy to think of the one that would work, you just have to be able to think up something that would work and plan it up, i met two young joint owners of a mobile fastfood that told me they spent about six years planning and working up the money it took to establish their business. so as i have always believed funding shouldnt always stop people from developing their brilliant ideas because you will be depriving the world of your relevance when you refuse to act on your ideas.