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Monday, 23 November 2015

POPS'N'CHILLAS the success story of a small popcorn outlet in Abuja

Few people will choose opening a popcorn outlet as their

preferred choice of business in a large city like Abuja

where there are large eateries bakeries and cafe's all

around and the price of setting up business in Abuja is

among the highest in the whole country,

the questions one may want to ask are: how many people

dey chop popcorn?(how many people do buy popcorn?), how

much them dey even sell popcorn and how much gain i want

make inside?(how much do they sell popcorn and what

would be my gain for each sales?), shop money for Abuja

too cost shey na popcorn i want rent shop to sell?( the

cost of renting a shop in abuja is very high why should 
i rent a store and just sell popcorn?

are these the questions that come into your mind
whenever you think of going into such a business


Well bring to you the success story of

POPS'N'CHILLAS a small modern pop corn outlet based in


On saturday i and a crew member of went

out to interview some small businesses and then we came

across one business that we couldnt afford to ignore,

from across the road, while we were exchanging contacts

with a young small business owner, we sighted a huge

popcorn cup atop the roof of a small cafe with disco

lights around it and we immediately decided that we will

go and see what was going on there that was how we were

able to get you this exclusive interview of a very

brilliant and innovative business venture in the heart

of Abuja
: Hello we are from an

online magazine dedicated to telling the stories of

smallscale medium enterprises like your own to motivate

guide and encourage our young people to start up on

their own. We would like to ask you a few questions

about your business can we come in?

: you can come in, although my

Madam is not around now so i will just answer the

questions that i think i can answer.
: No problem sir, what is your name?

: My name is Godwin. how long have you been working here?

POPS'N'CHILLAS(Godwin): Well it has not being long that
we started so i have been around since the startup. so you would be able to give us some

details on how it all started?

POPS'N'CHILLAS(Godwin): yes actually this popcorn is not

the nigerian kind of popcorn, my Boss must have come

across the idea from the internet, when we were about to

start she went for a training to learn how to make this
kind of pop corn, she had to go under training just to

have the experience and she put me through on how to

make it. so how was it like when you initially

started, how was sales like for the business under your


POPS'N'CHILLAS(Godwin):the issue of marketing, i think

that is one area that has been affecting us from the

start till now, although we have to give people fliers

and try to tell people about it but i think marketing is

one aspect of this business that we will continue to

focus on because some people are new to this kind of

popcorn so when you tell them the price they will say"

is it not just ordinary popcorn?" most people do not

fully appreciate the unique nature of our popcorn, but

those that are familiar with our product we usually do

not have any problem selling to them,

as you can see now we are preparing for an event, a

birthday party, and from there we also get the

opportunity to introduce our products to people most

especially the kids and young people. So how affordable are your products?

POPS'N'CHILLAS(Godwin): As you can see we have the one of #200, we have the one of #400 and so the price
ranges, although we also sell other products apart from
popcorn like soft drinks, ice cream and we also do chips
and cheese so we have other products apart from popcorn. So what do you see for the future in

this business and what efforts are you putting into

making the business grow?

: well as for me i do a lot of

research, i try to find new ways to bring customers here

and make them interested in our products, i also

research on other products that we can add to our list

of products so they can bring more people here, for

example in the begining we were not selling anything

apart from popcorn but when i came i researched some

other products and talked to Her about it and She

agreed, thats why you see us selling Drinks and other

thing. so you mean you were the one that

suggested those product to your Boss?

: Yes. well Mr Godwin we have come to the end

of this interview, we would like to say a big thank you

to you and your Boss on the behalf of and

on the behalf of all the young prospective business

owners out there that you have helped by sharing this

success story.

POPS'N'CHILLAS(Godwin): Thank you

we exchanged handshake and we left, i and my crew member

remained quiet for sometime while we walked away from

the outlet we were still very much surprised that people

could be so innovative to think of such a small and

profitable business idea in a place like Abuja where the

cost of renting a shop could get to a Million naira,

with this success story of POPS'N'CHILLAS i think people

should stop giving escuses and start setting up