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Friday, 18 December 2015

How the drop in Naira value might affect your Small scale Business

Nigeria is one of the most affected countries by the falling oil prices, this is simply because Nigeria depends on its trade in oil and gas for finance, so as the oil prices fall, our Naira will be devalued to meet up with global realities, Nigeria is solely dependent on importation of finished products and a lot of young Small Medium Enterprises may directly or indirectly be running a mini importation business or a business that is importation reliant.

When a nation devalues her currency she is deliberately trying to increase gain in tradable items but however cost of goods and services will become very cheap in the country compared to the other nations with stable currency, so when you want to use your currency to purchase from other Countries whose currency still have value e.g China, U.S, Japan and Germany, you will have to pay more every good you buy, take for example those running a mini importation Business that is reliant on buying things from China or the United States, if you were using 15,500 NGN to buy a 100 USD worth of product 2 years ago as the Nigerian currency is being continously devalued you may end up paying up to 20,000NGN for the same product in 2015.

So the fall in Naira value comes with certain implications for Nigerian Small Business owners and i think what Nigerian Importation based businesses need to be doing right now is to start seeking for locally available alternatives to foreign products e.g raw materials and some selected finished products that could be sourced locally.

The year 2016 may not come with new miracles for the Nigerian Naira or the Economy as the gradual fall in crude oil price is digging a deep hole in the nations economy and crude oil price is still even being predicted to fall further.for SME owners, the importation based businesses, internet businesses and bureau de change officials will be the worst hit by this development. And i think we should all gear up for 2016 because in 2016 comes more struggle.