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Monday, 21 December 2015

See How Important Your Small Business Is To The Nigerian Economy.

According to the Central Bank Of Nigeria in its monetary policy circular  No 22 of 1988 it defined SME's( small medium enterprises) as business having a turnover not exceeding 500,000 Naira, also in 1990 Nigerian Commercial Banks defined SME's as companies with not exceeding 500,000 as total income.
Running your small business without getting any attention or support from government you may begin to question the importance of your business to the Nations overall economy but that is not always the case, small businesses are the bedrock of any Nations Economy. The SME sector is responsible for about 70% of the total industrial employment in Nigeria and between 10-15% of the manufacturing output, even the Nigerian Agricutural sector is comprised mainly of SME's and it is the sector promoting indegenous technology and innovative use of local raw materials. your small business is the greatest hope for the Nigerian Economy.

Small businesses like your own are very important for rural and urban development, The 2012 enterprise baseline survey revealed that there are about 17 million Small and Medium Scale Enterprise in Nigeria employing about 32.41million persons and contributing about 46.54% to the Nations GDP.

Small businesses are vital to any Nations Economy and this is the reason why Government of Nations always provide policies that serves to protect and develop their SME's.

SMEDAN(Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency Of Nigeria) is the agency estabished in 2003, to promote and develop an efficient structure through which Nigerian SME's can contribute to the Nations economy.