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Friday, 25 December 2015

Why you should be very careful while spending during this Xmas and New year

A very merry Christmas and a happy new year to all subscribers. This part of the year comes with a lot of financial obligations most especially for family heads and sponsors so it is always the case that after the Xmas and New Year celebrations most struggling families and business owners are left with little to face the realities of the new year. 

My advice, separate the money you would need for basic necessities in the new year from that which you would use for the Yuletide celebrations e.g keep the funds for children school fees, business start ups, business space rental bills, maternity bills(if there is someone pregnant in the family), business expansion, and so on keep these funds separately from the one you would need for throwing your family a big Xmas bash. You should only settle to celebrate during this Xmas period after you are sure you have met all your primary financial obligations for the year and that you would be able to meet new ones in the coming year. That is what we call responsibility you shouldn't deceive your family and dependents that everything is OK by throwing them a big Xmas bash only for them to enter the new year to start facing serious hardship. In life planning is very important future evil could be avoided by proper planning.

For business owners that are just starting up it would be foolhardy for you to deep your hands into money meant for the continued upkeep of your business or for the expansion of your business or it would even be far worst if you start borrowing to meet your family and religious obligations during this periods of celebration. Xmas will always be here with us and we all hope that our businesses would grow so that we can get to celebrate with our families in financial convenience but if while we are still struggling to meet our goals in business and other areas we start engaging in activities that are harmful to the future of our businesses and family then we may never get there.

Let us begin to accept facts for what they are 2016 will be a very harsh period for small business owners due to the nations economy and the kind of policies that are being made by the government, so it would be in our best interest if we start focusing on ways to protect our businesses from the predicted harsh 2016 business atmosphere. It is good to celebrate with family during this Xmas period but please do not use it as excuse to start borrowing or enaging in activities that would harm the future of your business and family. 

Finally a Merry Xmas to all our subscribers and non subscribers

I.Stephen Azuka
Owner and founder of