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Thursday, 28 April 2016 to Organise an intensive skill acquisition training exercise for students of the university of Benin.

In line with my commitment to enlightening young Nigerians on the benefits of gaining "sellable" skill before going out into the labour market in search of jobs which are not necessarily always available I will be hosting a one day intensive skill acquisition program in the university of Benin for members of the faculty of arts students association to help them acquire basic knowledge of certain skills that would help put them in a better position in the society when they graduate. 
        The program is taking place on the 14th of May this year and is being organised with the support of the office of the FASA president. Skills to be taught under this program are: 
* web design 
* Blogging
* Events management and interior decor
* Production of Cosmetic products
* Production of ice cream
* Production and design of Ankara products
* Pop corn making
* Make up artistry 
* Network marketing 
* Juice making( shappman) 
* Laundary
These packages will be taught by experts in these fields and it would also be a practical hands on training program where every participating student would be sure to gain the basic knowledge that he or she would need to set up on this fields.
Handouts are going to be available and each participating student is encouraged to take advantage of them as they will serve as a manual for future references.