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Monday, 23 May 2016

Can you be an entrepreneur?

There are people who are happy with being a worker till they retire, and there are some who likes to be their own chairperson and starts up a business. Though, it does not mean that one person trumps the other, there are lots of personality differences between the two. Really, there are personality tests available online that one can take to identify their personality characteristics and learn whether or not you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Though lots of entrepreneurs differ in their style and perspective, there are some common traits that make one a successful businessman.

1. Hard working

this is a characteristic that every entrepreneur should have. Having non-stop energy to do a large amount of work and multitasking while a pile tasks here and there should be done to achieve your goals. If it suggests, work double time? Then, do work double time!

2. Positive attitude

it isn't assured that when you are into a business you'll always be good and no Problems will come, there will be issues and complications and these things are the ones that are going to shape you up to be a successful entrepreneur. Being pessimistic? There's no room for that! You want to know the way to deal with even the darkest times of your life for it would occur again.

3. Sense of commitment

Whatever you do, you should be committed to doing the absolute best you can and achieve what is predicted of you and for the business. It is tantamount to sense of professionalism, which is quite significant when you go to the outside world.

4. Goal-oriented

what good a business is, if there are no goals to live from? It is as if going out in battle without knowing what to do next. Setting up goals for your business is crucial since all of the activities revolved around the goals.

5. Passionate about reaching such goals

what good goals are if not achieved? Be sure that when you set targets, it's realistic and doable. You need be obsessed about what you do and have a thrust to keep you pushing forward to reach your goals.

6. Perseverance

Business includes lots of challenges. It's very likely that you're going to fail first time, even 2nd time, and sometimes even third time. Perseverance is the key to success here. Successful entrepreneurs try to benefit from their mistakes and never give up. Learn from PMB's struggle to be the president of Nigeria. 

To be an entrepreneur you also must have a business idea, a clear appreciation of a difficulty you are trying to solve and some system in mind how you'll take it to the market. Just having above discussed traits doesn't guarantee that you are going to be a successful entrepreneur but certainly sets you aside from others, help you face difficult challenges, and save you from falling down on your face.

Is entrepreneurship for you? I don't know. You've got to answer that for yourself. Ask yourself whether you some who likes to follow or who likes to guide, whether you like to do things your way or you mostly need guidance, whether you want to be managed or you are self-motivated. There are many such self-evaluations you can do yourself. But definitely, if you're a sort of person who likes new challenges each day, can fly in thin air, and lead without any direction; then you've a greater chance of succeeding as an entrepreneur. If you've got a business idea lurking deep within you, it's high time to try it out because that's the first thing an entrepreneur would say lets try it, let's do it.