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Sunday, 26 June 2016

See 5 Reasons why you should start your online business like Jumia and Konga now.

We have seen how successful Jumia and Konga is today as we all love to purchase phones, tablets, laptops and cloths from them.  we are impressed by the fact that all you need to do is go online and you will find thousands of things to buy online,  I mean I am impressed too but,  it is no big deal,  really.

what if I tell you that you too can have your own e-commerce business like Jumia and Konga?  what if I tell you that it would even be cheaper than you renting a store in a place like Abuja or portharcourt?  yes.  it is easier to set up an online business than to set up an offline one.  and best of all it is the future of business.  in the next few years almost anything will be sold online including matches and toothpick (that is if they are not already been sold online.)  and fortunately for us we live in Nigeria one of the world's biggest market with 170 something million people who are just waiting to pay you money if you have the right ideas.

1     What if I don't get Customers?   Jumia got customers when they sold phones online,  Konga came and sold phones online and they also got customers,  Kaymu came sold the same phone and got customer,  dealdey, friimarket and a host of others they all sold the same thing and made it so why would you be different?(I am not suggesting you go into phone sales business oh!)
even if 1million Nigerians buy from Jumia today there will still be another about 169 million people looking for somewhere else to buy.  that is how big the Nigerian market is,  it is like the sky it is wide enough for any e-commerce bird to fly. you could choose to sell anything online and still get customers because the idea of e-commerce in Nigeria is still new and people are troop in into it.

2. But what if I am a craft person like a tailor or a bead maker or a make up artist do I still need e-commerce to grow? 
 Yes even as a tailor or a bead maker you can still take your business online and receive great turnover on patronage from customers online. there are many online fashion houses that sell their cloths online and people even place order for particular design online.  as a bead maker you can put your beads online and people can buy from there and also place order,  so yes you need to go online. cmon!  na, 2016  we dey na.

3. What if I don't have  much money to buy ware house and fleet of cars for delivery like jumia and Konga?  
that Is the good part you don't need all that for a start all you need is to set up you e-commerce site and you could be running the delivery yourself. I remember when Mr Eborka of friimarket started some years ago he was running his delivery himself and now he is the proud owner of one of the largest online e-commerce shop in Benin City.  start small.

4. How do I get people to buy my products when I finally start my business online I have studied some of the successful e-commerce business out there for some years now and I have noticed one thing about them " good use of social network for marketing"  you too can do that.  start by promoting your products to people around you and later you can continue with those afar. Facebook, Twitter, instagram, watsapp, BBM, this are places where you can sell you products online to people with good quality images of your products.

5.  So,  how do I set up my online business  this is a very important stage.  now that you are willing to do business online what you need is a good business plan, a good Web designer.  you need a business plan for the business and a Web designer to design the online shop or website. offers Web design services and we also help people with our experience to design their business idea.
you can call or watsapp me on: 08100661236

the whole idea of doing business online is to make thing easy for people so when designing your business plan please bear this in mind.

thanku for reading.