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Monday, 4 July 2016

See how you can make millions producing eggs under the NEGPRO scheme.

So the federal government signed a deal with TUNS FARMS NIGERIA LTD on egg production, this is to ensure the provision of jobs and the increase in out national egg production capacity.  from what I have read and heard about the program from reliable sources it seems like already established farms and new farms can register under this scheme,  for me I think this should be a good opportunity for those that have since been considering the idea of going into the poultry business as the NEGPRO scheme was designed in such a way that you will always find buyers for your eggs.

what is this NEGPRO scheme and how can I benefit?

the Federal Government and TUNS Farms Nigeria Limited in Osun state signed a N25 billion agreement on the National Egg Production Scheme (NEGPRO). The National Egg Production (NEGPRO) scheme is an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria designed to create jobs for Nigerians, remove hunger and alleviate poverty.

To attain its goal, NEGPRO will provide eligible Nigerians the opportunity to participate in profitable poultry businesses where continuous production of table egg takes place all year round. The scheme is also aimed at increasing the output of egg production in the country to 50 million table eggs daily by 2018 and a create one million jobs

So how do I benefit

Eggs produced from NEGPRO will service the following:

a. The National School Feeding Program,
b. Structured open market
c. Egg powder processors across the nation

Under the NEGPRO scheme, accredited layer farmers produce eggs with input supplied by entrepreneurs/stakeholder in the state. The entrepreneur/stakeholder will, in turn, off-take the eggs that are produced.

In general, the scheme workflow involves the following:

Accredited farmers set up structure and cage for layer birds.
Entrepreneurs/Stakeholders in feeds and day old chicks (DOC) approved for the NEGPRO scheme take up the provision of basic inputs to participating farmers
Following the approval of individual farmers and verification and certification of their layer farm pen/structures for stocking by NEGPRO officialsof the state, NEGPRO farmers become eligible to collect DOCs, feeds and some stipend to run the farm from Entrepreneur/Stakeholder as a loan. With the input, the farmers commence poultry farming
Farmers return on weekly basis such that eggs produced from their individual farms are taken up by the approved entrepreneur/stakeholders
Entrepreneurs shall balance the account of individual farmers and share profit accordingly.
You can participate in any of these three categories,

1. NEGPRO National Input producers/ suppliers
2. NEGPRO Entrepreneur
3. NEGPRO Farmers

Funding: The sum of N25 billion is to be provided through the Bank of Industry (BOI) under the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Anchor Borrowers scheme.

The following are eligible to access the fund:

a. National Input producers/ suppliers
b. State entrepreneurs

It is expected that each eligible entrepreneur would have one year moratorium bearing in mind that the production would not start until the seventh month.

keep following as we will keep you updated on relevant news related to this update.  including registration info and requirements.  share the message on to a friend.