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Monday, 15 August 2016

Five Quick Questions That Will Show If You Will Be A Successful Businessman In Future.

Do you know how to lie? lets face the fact most successful business owners are successful liars even from childhood some parents start teaching their children to lie about products they sell.
 i was in search of fresh bread one day and i went to Mama Blessing's store to get one. when i got there i saw that Mama Blessing had gone to the market but luckily for me Blessing was around so i selected a loaf of bread and asked her if the bread was fresh and she quickly replied," yes! they just brought it in" so i took the bread despite my doubts but as i was about leaving the shop i saw that the bread truck was just coming to supply them bread for that day. 
meaning the bread she asked me to take was from yesterday's stock, Now what really surprised me about this particular case was the fact that, Blessing even at her early age already knew that being too honest is not good for business and so she have mastered the practice of lie and can now lie without looking back. she will no doubt make a successful businesswoman in future. So the question still stands, Can you lie?

Are You a talkative? Yes being a good talker is good for business, in business you should be able to convince your customers to buy your products and you should also be able to engage your customers in small discussions about their family,life and politics, for example a customer asking for a reduction in price for a particular product you could reply him or her by saying "HABA OGA! for this Buhari Economy, you no hear say everything dun cost, even fowl self dun increase the price of their eggs" in that way you are telling the customer that things are now expensive and that the price is fair.

Do you have an attractive personality and outlook? most customers are looking for people they can trust and as human being they will trust the business man that looks responsible and inviting, no customer will go to somebody that looks suspicious or that is looking angry or sad because nobody want wahala.  I was trying to get a Bus one day and i decided to get recharge card before entering the bus, so i went to the side of the road where some recharge card sellers were seated, immediately they saw me coming they started shouting " recharge card, oga come buy card" as if i did not already know that that was what they were selling, but among them was this young boy who did not even border to raise his voice or stand up to invite me to come and buy, he just sat under his umbrella and was smiling at me as i approached and when i got near enough he shouted " how much own you want buy?" and that was how i bought from him.

How good are you with money? Earlier in life, when i got my first job as a sales representative in a small supermarket in Benin i was always getting overwhelmed by all the money i had to handle, sometimes i sit down for hours counting and recounting bundles of money, while my other more matured co-worker had little issue with handling cash, he could count up to 200,000 naira in 500 notes within seconds and not even bother recounting it because he is sure he is always very careful in counting and he is good at it. Being good with money also means have good financial management skills and you are not a wasteful spender who will eventually bankrupt his or her own business.

Are you married? stay that way. are you single? stay that way. Your relationship status could either positively or negatively affect your business.
 you have no business planning for marriage if you have just started the business on whose growth your source of income depends on as a man, as a woman getting married comes with a lot of changes which may include you needing to move to a different location far from your place of business and you needing to make certain changes in your life that may not go well for your business.
 So giving your business some time to grow and mature before talking about marriage is my advised step to take. as for those that are already married congrats and happy married life but you should know that as a married business person there are challenges that you are bound to face because you now have responsibilities, that is why most businesses on which families depend on rarely expand because you continue taking away from the business and hardly adding to, and owners of such business rarely talk of expansion or attempt to take risks which are good for business, because of the fear of losing their families source of living.