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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


So yesterday a friend of mine came to me compaining that he does not understand what was wrong with him, as a good friend, i asked him to explain his problem.That was when he told me that there was this beautiful Girl he just met from Uniben, when he got to this point i told him that "haba! Oga, you should be celebrating this na, or did you come here to mock me ni?" That was when he told me that after spending some night with the Girl he woke up one day only to find some disgusting sores all over his male organ. My Friend who i know to be a tough guys was almost in tears as he explain the embarasment he had to face, when he had to show his male organ to a doctor in the hospital he went to,right in front of the female Nurses.

       After which he was told he had contracted syphilis, it was at this point that my friend finally broke down in tears telling me that he can no longer sleep due to the pain from the sores on his male organ, in tears he kept saying "the Nurses where looking at it, they where looking at my something, Ha!God! which kind wahala i put myself so." I tried to console him and tried to explain to him that he should take his drugs and avoid jumping in bed with strangers next time.

  But to be scincere how will a guy know if a Girl has a Sexually Transmitted Disease from just meeting her for the first time? is it even possible?

   Well it is possible to know if a Girl could possibly have Sexually Transmitted Disease and i will show you how.
that is not make-up on her face.
1.Sunken Eyes: Avoid girls with sunken eyes and Dark Circles around their eyes. Most sick persons do not suffer from symptoms that can be visibly seen and one of the most important visible sign that someone is very sick is that the eyes sinks inside and the skin around the eye area would become darker this is one important sign that most Health practitioner use to tell when a person is sick even when the person is not yet physically examined.
you still want to toast? keep toasting Brother after all you only die once.
2. Unexplained weight lose: if a girl who you know to be a bit fleshy suddenly just start loosing weight all of a sudden, you should try to know what is the cause of that weight lose before jumping into a relationship with the person, because one primary symptom of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases is lose of weight. so you have got to be a carefull nigger so you dont end up being a dead one.

that's not the picture of Bar Beach in Lagos. it is an example of what you should watch out for.
3. Hair breakage or lose of Hair: Ok her hair is always falling off and you just like a Lizard that is shedding skin and you just ignore it, because "na you konji hold pass abi?" A girl who you have always known to have a lot of hair suddenly starts going bald, her hair starts looking old and her frontal hair starts reducing, Oga! ask questions first because there can be so many causes for such kind of hair loose and for you to be in the safe side try to carefully find out the cause of this hair lose.
lol. i hope say una nor expect me to post pictures of that one?
4. Unusual Vaginal Discharge: Ok let us say you ignored all the earlier signs that i wrote and decided to take her to the bed room so that both of you can act the season finale of Spartacus, and then in the process of carrying out "the all important" adult business you noticed a strange and funny smelling discharge coming out from her vagina, Oga pack up and leave, that is thing that i have been warning you about since you started reading this post, such a discharge is not a result of your skillful bedmantism or hardwork, but rather it is death staring you in the face, such unusual vaginal discharge are popular symptoms of an STD infection and if you still like your life my advice to you is to "waka" and live for another day.

its just heat rash joor. ok oh. i ve said my own
5. Rashes, sore, skin infections and itches: Most of this things hardly affect the body and stay on for a long time unless the person's immune system is low and one of the primary cause of a low immune system is HIV,Cancer amongst others, so one has to be very carefull when going into a relationship with someone with this symptoms.

NB is not implying that everybody that display these symptoms is suffering from an STD but this is to advice young adults to be more sexually responsible, try to know the health status of your partner before jumping in bed, use condom in worst cases. nobody will blame you for doing it right, but everybody will blame you for doing it wrong.

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