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Friday, 28 October 2016

Do you know you can enjoy safe sex with condoms? see how.

I have received so many complaints from people about the use of condoms during sex and these complaints are most times coming from men, but the thing that we men do not know is that we are not the only one's that hate condoms, women do too and they even hate it more, it is just that they are very shy to complain about it most times. But these are some of the complaints that you may get from a lady that does not like condoms:

 "it makes sex less intimate and real, we have tried almost all of them and they all limit the sensual sensation"
“Condoms feel less intimate. I love the way the smooth, hard penis skin feels against my skin, but I can't feel that with a condom. We use them anyway, though, because I don't like the pill, and the intercourse still feels good.” 
“I lose a lot of pleasure when we use condoms (and so does he). It
just feels weird and almost like a waste of time. I want to feel my
husband and for him to feel me. Sometimes condoms can actually cause
pain if I'm not wet enough.”
These are the complaints from the Female folks, what about the Men? what are they saying about condoms
 well it seem like the men have more complaints than the women about this "NAFDAC approved papa's cap."  These are the problems that some men get from using condoms and their solutions.

Putting condoms on
Some men find rolling a condom over their erection is uncomfortable. If using a larger and wider size condom doesn't help, one solution might be unrolling the condom a little first, then putting it over the erect penis the same way you would put a sock over a foot, being careful not to get air trapped under the condom or tear it.

Condoms and loss of sensation
If you are worried about loss of sensation opt for a very thin or light condom.The thinner the condom, the better the sensation; the right size is also important.Some condoms are available with ribbed, raised and shaped surfaces designed to increase sensation to both partners.An advantage of Femidoms (female condoms) is the way they don’t reduce sensation for the man in the way male condoms can do.

Keeping the erection
If putting on a condom interferes with your erection, try gripping the base of your penis before you put it on - this traps the blood, helping to keep your penis hard.
A cock ring has the same effect but it lasts longer. Asking a partner to put the condom on can also help.
A larger brand of condom (such as Magnum,Durex Comfort XL) might also be less restrictive to your erection. Larger brands should still stay on as the ring at the base is not any larger that other types of condom. Femidoms (female condoms)  may also be a solution if you find condoms restrictive.
looking for a picture to show you how female condoms look like i came across this man's head, almost the same shape.   
  Dealing with a natural dislike for latex: Believe it or not some men are allergic to latex (it makes their skin red or itchy), both male and female condoms are available that are made from non-latex materials and you can get them from selected stores in Lagos and Abuja( so i should go to Lagos just to buy condoms? don't go now but you will still go there later to buy HIV drugs or Baby cloths, buy the condom and save yourself the stress)
These materials also don’t have a latex smell.

Condoms and interruptions
Having to stop during sex to look for a condom can be a passion killer.
Have them in places where they’ll be easy to get hold of. Keeping condoms in your wallet, handbag or by the bedside shows you’re taking responsibility for yourself and your sexual partner.

Asking a partner to use a condom 
You may have condoms but find it difficult to use them (or to ask someone else to use them). It can be tricky introducing a condom into the situation, which is why it’s always better to bring the subject up long before sex starts. A partner may be relieved that you’ve mentioned it.What if your partner says:
'Asking for a condom means you think I’ve got an infection or can’t be trusted'?
Tell them that you’d like to use a condom to protect their health as well as yours, as it’s possible either of you could have an infection without knowing. If someone says that because you want to use condoms it must mean you have an infection, remind them that carrying and using condoms is a sign that a person is taking responsibility for their own health and their partner’s. No one has the right to make you have sex without a condom if you don’t want to. If you feel pressured in any way to have sex you don’t want, tell your partner to stop or ask them to leave.

If she keep getting dry during sex: one disadvantage of condom is that it prevents the natural lubrication of the male organ also known as pre-cum from acting as a lubricant during sex, but you can save yourself the stress and your partner the pain by using lubricants such as liquid medical paraffin which I highly recommend for such cases you can get it in any Chemist just don't tell them I was the one that told you about it. cus i bet you even the chemist guy wont know what you want to use it for, it is the best lubricant in the market Doctors even use it to lubricate pregnant ladies( i am not saying you should start feeling like a Doctor when you are applying it oh.)

What to do when condoms break?
If you're having rougher or longer sex it could be that a condom might split. Obviously this could put you or your partner at risk of unwanted pregnancy, HIV or another sexually transmitted infection. at this stage the right thing to do is to come down from the bed, chair or table or anywhere you both chose to dance the "Kerewawa dance" kneel down by the side of your bed, close your eyes and pray, because you will need the prayers in a month or two when the both of you will be going for HIV or Pregnancy test. or optionally just buy her a good contraceptive pill and leave your own case for time to decide if you caught anything or not because an HIV test is not effective from one to two weeks after infection.

NB: The Informations in this post where sourced from the opinions of Professionals in respective fields but should not be a guide for making medical decisions