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Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Although Academic research writing is a relatively new industry in Nigeria  a lot of innovative techpreneurs are already setting up shop in this area. We have a lot of websites online professing to provide research writing services and as usual they are all trying to market themselves as the best, leaving the customer confused on which of these “bests” to choose.

Don’t worry I will help you find the best…
I will help you find the best by giving some of the factors to consider before you choose anybody to write your Under Graduate and Post Graduate Project Research.

      I was able to come up with this list by evaluating my personal experience with some of the research writing services online and I also went further to conduct a customer satisfaction survey online by talking to people who claimed to have used an online Research writing service provider, from my research I was able to come up with some of these factors that you must consider and the ones you must watch out for before paying your money to a “research vendor”.

  1. Watch out for websites that claim to provide research writing services but are actually selling old research projects from their archives. Yes this is a very common trend amongst online research services providers. Some of them will just stack up “ill gotten” archives of old research papers and they sell it for cheap calling it names like “research materials” where as these are copyrighted past works of other people and using them makes you a criminal. So as a rule of thumb  before ordering a research writing service I try to make sure they are not just selling me old topics from their archives. And how will you know? Most reputable research service providers only display sample research topics and abstracts on their websites and this topics are usually not available for immediate purchase and collection because once you order a topic from their list of samples, which is usually not suppose to be a very long list because a good research service provider will tell you that some topics are only available for request and you will have to fill a form to get it, while the one providing copied or old research work would have everything available on demand because they can sell one topic to over twenty customers
  2.      Before paying make sure to confirm that they do not have a ridiculously short delivery period. As a student you should know the work it takes to write a research, so when you provide someone with a topic or you are given a topic and the researcher you paid is telling you that he will be done with a research that is supposed to cover 65 pages with tables and diagram included, then be very worried because that person may end up providing you with an out of point research, a plagiarized work or something copied from a old manuscript. So watch out for someone claiming to provide you with a complete research within 2 days or 24 hours. Research are not done that way.
  3.     Try to have a topic. It is always better to have a topic before going out there to seek for the service of a research writer. Because when you have a topic you can be sure that whoever is going to handle your research will not just pick up any topic from their archives and sell to you as a fresh work, If you were the one that picked the topic yourself then you will be able to defend it when the time comes and you will be able to discuss the topic better with the researcher.
  4.     Cross check their payment methods. Personally I prefer a payment method where I pay into the account of an individual(personal account) or a business account and these are my reasons: all payments made to personal accounts can be traced in the event of fraud and the same applies to business accounts so when somebody is confident enough to use his or her personal account or create a business account it shows that, that person is reliable and ready for business.
  5.    Never make payments for an academic research in cryptocurrency that is a very unprofessional and unreliable way to make payment and doing that will expose you to fraud when you make payments to untraceable accounts.
  6.      Make sure that they have a reliable customer support that you can reach if you have challenges online or offline. Some research websites even provide a customer support forum where customers can chat with researchers in real time about their work an example isrunmyresearch support forum they have their own support forum for researchers and clients to connect and for clients to make complaints about their work directly to support, the good thing about this one is that they also maintain the customers confidentiality by not displaying any of the clients personal information.
  7. Try to confirm if they have an offline location, although this is not really very important but if they have an offline location that indicates that they have a very high reliability ratio.
  8.  Make sure the persons that you are talking to know what they are actually doing, grill them with questions about the topic to ascertain their level of understanding of the research in question, if your researcher is clueless then ask the management to assign another one to you or look for another research service provider.

These factors would not guarantee that you get the best from these research service providers but it will direct you to the ones that are in the best position  to give you the  best.
Thank you.