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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Top Five Nigerian Under Graduate and Post Graduate Project Research writing Websites

Academic Research writing is a general term used to describe the business of writing academic essays, articles, under graduate research papers, proposals, thesis, manifestoes, mission statement etc.
Academic research writing is a relatively new industry in Nigeria and a lot of innovative techpreneurs are beginning to tap into the riches of this new concept, but there is a problem, because once everybody hear that there is money in a particular business everybody would want to jump into it without having a commitment to provide customers and clients with quality service.
For Under Graduates and Post Graduates  choosing a Under Graduate and Post Graduate Project Research writing
service online may prove very difficult because as a student once you have successfully saved up a particular amount of money to pay someone to write a befitting academic research for you, the next thing is to make sure that you are not paying your money to quacks or fraudulent individuals who will just collect your money and make away with it or provide you with an “heavily plagiarized” rip off of your research that they copied and paste from the internet or from the past work of someone else.


Top Five Academic Research writing service providers in Nigeria although just started off writing research online in 2013.,, have been in the offline researching business from as early as 2008 and they claim to have written over 150,000 research for foreign and local customers., serves mainly customers who want custom written, fresh plagiarism free undergratuate and post graduate research project
2.   NairaProjects : Naira project is also a research service provider and since they started they have provided research materials to quite a number of Nigerian Students. NairaProjects provides students with old research materials from their archives and do not claim to hold any copyright to this work. So if what you need are materials for your research then you can head on to nairaproject.
3.    Iproject: they have been in the research game for quite a while and just like nairaproject above they only provide materials to customers, their support for custom research writing is very difficult to ascertain as at the time of writing this article maybe they may go into research writing in future but for now they only sell old research works and are non specific on the copy rights of these materials 4. provides student with old research topics and materials a very affordable rates from their archives. Despite what the name suggest you may not be able to find a researcher that will handle your researching at
5.    EduProjects: promises free used project topics from their old archives. Students picking a topic from this archives should be very careful as there is a very high chance that the topic you are picking from here have been reused over and over again by others.

When in search of a project research topic it is better to just request for one. And you can do that from the project research topic request form at